What is Sanctioning?

Sanctioning is an agreement between a host organization and Adaptive Sports USA that represents a commitment to follow national and, when applicable, international rules and regulations for each of the individual sports being offered at a competition. It agrees to provide a safe environment for athletes and spectators while participating in a sport.

The official designation issued by Adaptive Sports USA approves the holding of a competitive multi-disability, multi and/or single sport event in the United States in one or more of the following sports: archery, athletics (track and field), powerlifting, shooting (air rifles/air pistols), swimming and / or table tennis.

Benefits of Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning:

  • Access to the Adaptive Sports USA network of professionals with expertise in adaptive sport and event management
  • Access to SAMS (Sports Able Management Software) software application if needed to manage your event.
  • Affordable Multi-Sport All in One Sanctioning Package
  • Calendar and social media promotion
  • Downloadable rulebooks
  • Increased creditability
  • Liability insurance covering athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators (additional fee)
  • Sport accident insurance for Athletes (additional fee)
  • Pass Through Grant Opportunites and Sponsorship, when available
  • Records achieved recognized by Adaptive Sports USA (Level 3 events)
  • Resolve disputes
  • Safe and fair competition environment

The process of obtaining Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning

You must be an Adaptive Sports USA Chapter Member to obtain Adaptive Sports USA sanctioning. This ensures you become a part of our ongoing network for communication and outreach and partner moving forward to increase opportunities for individuals with a disability.

As a benefit to our Adaptive Sports USA Chapter members the first sanctioned event will be free of charge.  For Chapters holding more than one Sanctioned Event, the fee is $150.00 per event.  Once you are officially an Adaptive Sports USA Chapter Member, you can proceed with getting your event sanctioned.

Before submitting a Sanctioning application please review the Sport Sanctioning Levels click here

Sanctioning applications should be submitted via the Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning Application available here Sanctioning Application. Once sanctioning is approved, Adaptive Sports USA will provide a high-resolution logo to use on promotional materials and throughout social media. A report template will also be provided with sample demographic information to be collected to ensure all athletes become a part of our national network.

Please note: Adaptive Sports USA has a history in event management and a network of sport specific resources nationwide. At any point during the planning and implementation phase, please feel free to use Adaptive Sports USA as a resource around the procurement of officials, electronic timing, equipment, classifiers, insurance questions, etc.

Fees for Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning

Membership fee:

Become a member of Adaptive Sports USA.  The Chapter Membership fee is $225 and is based on a calendar year (Jan-Dec). Among the many benefits of Chapter Membership, membership includes one Sanctioned Event and two Certificates of Insurance (COI) requests per year.  Insurance for three plus Events can be purchased at a competitive rate.  If you are not an Adaptive Sports USA Chapter, please download the Membership Application here: Adaptive Sports USA Membership Application and email the completed application to nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org  If you have any membership questions, please contact the Adaptive Sports USA Office Manager at nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org.

Sanctioning fee:

Adaptive Sports USA Chapter Membership includes one sanctioned event free of charge.  For more than one sanctioned event per year, a fee of $150.00 will apply for each event.  In addition, a late fee of $50.00 applies for applications received outside of 30 days prior to the start date of the event.

Insurance fee:

Certificate of Insurance (COI) – all chapter members receive two complementary COI requests per calendar year.  Additional insurance coverage (3+ events) is available at a competitive rate.  Please contact the National Office Manager to inquire about additional insurance nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org or 720-412-7979.

Timeline for Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning

Please note:

To be marketed with the Adaptive Sports USA nationwide series of regional and national sanctioned events/competitions, a complete sanctioning application must be submitted and approved by March 15th in the year of the competition.

All Sanctioning applications submitted online with less than 30 days prior to the start date of the event will be subject to a $50.00 late fee and event approval may not be guaranteed.

Pre-Sanctioned Event Requirements:

  • Be a current Chapter member of Adaptive Sports USA (January – December annually)
  • Submit event name, event dates, city, state, sports contested, event director email and phone, website and at what sanctioning level (track & field) to the Adaptive Sports USA National Office for an outreach flyer.
  • Watch “A useful guide to understanding program and event development for athletes with a disability” video found online at Program and Event Development.
  • Secure appropriate venues based on sport level and rulebook (per sport) and officials to host the event.
  • Submit a complete Sanctioning application found online at Sanctioned Event Application
  • If needing event insurance, complete a Certificate of Insurance (COI) request found online at adaptivesportsusa.org
  • Communicate and market the level of sanctioning per sport or event to attract the caliber of athlete
  • Prominently display the Adaptive Sports USA logo on marketing materials, registration, and event websites and through social media

Adaptive Sports USA Sanctioning General Liability Insurance Requirements:

Complete the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Request form here COI Request Form and email to nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org

If Adaptive Sports USA event insurance is not needed, email proof of insurance to the Adaptive Sports USA National Office at nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org listing Adaptive Sports USA as an “additional insured” within a minimum of 30 days prior to the start date of the event. This insurance must meet the minimum insurance requirements as noted below.

Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage Requirements:

Event Coverage Includes: Athletes, coaches, volunteers, spectators, event staff/management team

General Liability Insurance with the following limits:

$3,000,000 General Aggregate Limit

$3,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Limit

$1,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury Limit

$1,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit

$100,000 Damage to Premises Rented by Each Club Excess Liability Insurance with the following limits:

$2,000,000 Each Occurrence

$2,000,000 General Aggregate Limit

$2,000,000 Products/Completed Operations to Aggregate

$10,000 Retained Limit

Blanket Accident Coverage with the following limits:

$10,000 Accidental Death

$10,000 Accidental Dismemberment

$25,000 Accident Medical Expense

Deductible of $100 per accident

Dental maximum of $250 per tooth per accident

For questions or additional information on insurance requirements, please contact nationaloffice@adaptivesportsusa.org or 720-412-7979.

Post-Sanctioned Event Requirements:

  • Within 24 hours of the completion of the event:
    • Post event results to the event/chapter website. Results should include the following fields in a comma-delimited format: First Name, Last Name, Sport, Event, Class, Age Division, Gender and Result
  • During competition or within one week of the completion of the event, submit a minimum of 5 high quality jpg photos and 1 testimonial using the submit results form above to highlight your event through social media
  • Within one week from the completion date of the event:
    • Upload a report with demographic information using the template provided once approved through the submit results form above (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Email, Gender, DOB, Athlete or Coach) of all registered athletes
    • Mail completed record forms postmarked within one week from the completion date of the event, if applicable, to the following individual:

Pam Chiavaroli 7207 Cheshire Ct. Hudson, FL 34667 bayonetpointengine@gmail.com

Record forms can be found at http://atfusa.org/FORMS/FORMS.htm

Results need to be submitted in a timely manner for records and qualifying standards to be validated for the athletes.

Correspondence should go to the Adaptive Sports Sanctioned Event Representative:

Phil Galli (east)  philg1234@comcast.net or 980-240-7641

Paul Johnson (central)  PJOHNSON@buchanan.com or 817-602-0243

Gregg Baumgarten (west and N. Dakota)

gjbaumga@gmail.com and chairman@adaptivesportsusa.org or 480-215-5240

National Records for Juniors and Adults

All Adaptive Sports USA Level 3 Athletics (T&F) Sanctioned Events are eligible to set/break records.

It is important and up to the Event Director to make sure that each sport sanctioned through Adaptive Sports USA is marketed to the athletes as to what level each sport has been sanctioned at. This will allow the athlete to plan accordingly.

Event directors should refer to the rulebook for each sport for specific rules regarding records for that sport.

Event Director should print youth and adult record forms for Track and Field are online a Record Forms to provide to the officials the day of the event. Record forms must be filled out correctly and in its entirety (including official signatures) for the record to legally count.

Event Director please mail original record forms to Pam Chiavaroli postmarked within one week of the completion date of the event.

Records will be listed on the Adaptive Sports USA or ATFUSA.org websites and updated by the end of each year.

Junior Records for T&F can be broken/set at Adaptive Sports USA Level Three Sanctioned Events or Junior Nationals.  All other sport records can only be set at Junior Nationals.

Junior Records are divided by age divisions (U11, U 14, U 16, U 18, U20, U23).  Age is determined by the age of the athlete on 12/31.

Adult Records can only be broken/set at Adaptive Sports USA Level Three Sanctioned Events or Nationals

Adult age divisions are determined per sport i.e.: Track & Field

Adults = age 14 and older

M35 = Masters ages 35 to under age 50

M50 = Masters ages 50 to under 60

M60 = Masters ages 60 and over


Sanctioning Application

Insurance COI Request

Results Form