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To engage, evolve, and empower individuals with a disability to be involved in adaptive sport through education, coaching and advocacy. By creating a community outreach program,we increase opportunities for individuals with a disability and are a gateway to regional, national and international multi-sport competitions.


We use Adaptive Sports — recreational and competitive sport for youth and adults with physical impairments— as the nucleus of our effort to provide an active lifestyle for individuals with a disability.


We use Adaptive Sports—recreational and competitive sport for youth and adults with physical impairments—as the nucleus of our effort to provide an active lifestyle for individuals with a disability. Our core offerings empower athletes involved in adaptive sports to learn, compete and grow.

  • Adaptive Sports USA is a premier resource for sport and recreation opportunities in the US. We promote athletic development through education, coaching, and competition.
  • We offer a regional and national outreach network to engage, empower, and support the adaptive sport-minded community.
  • We are recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as a multi-sport organization and the sole US member of the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation providing our athletes with access to international competitions.


Adaptive Sports USA was founded in 1956 as the National Wheelchair Athletic Association (NWAA). The initial impetus to organize grew out of the interests of athletes with disabilities, many who were veterans of World War II. It has now progressed to serving as a comprehensive competitive sports organization for all individuals with physical disabilities, and an organizational name change to Adaptive Sports USA.

From its earliest beginnings to the present day, Adaptive Sports USA, has been directed and developed by wheelchair athletes and wheelchair sports enthusiasts themselves, individuals with a first-hand understanding to the values of participation. By and large, the needs of the athlete with a disability are not addressed by the vast network of athletic programs available to able-bodied persons through our educational system and community recreation agencies. Instead, the athlete with a disability has, with rare exceptions, developed his or her own resources and sports opportunities, from rules and governing structure (i.e., Adaptive Sports USA) to funding travel, equipment and other expenses of competition. Adaptive sports enthusiasts are involved at all levels of decision-making in the Adaptive Sports USA, and its constituent associations. Adaptive Sports USA, has remained essentially an all-volunteer organization, drawing on the energy and commitment of the people who also benefit from its programs. Adaptive sports have also been described as the most authentic of sports enterprises because the athletes compete and develop their own opportunities for the intrinsic values of participation – and not for the promise of professional contracts or financial reward. The dreams of individual athletes have been made possible through the efforts and dedication of pioneers such as Dr. Guttman and Lipton, and the countless other organizers, volunteers, friends, and supporters of adaptive sports throughout the United States and the rest of the world. With the continuing increase in public awareness, the future of adaptive athletic competition is indeed bright.


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